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Automatic Sperming Machine

An interesting story takes place at the master’s house. The Master’s young maids are not only responsible for cleaning the house but also for sucking sperm. They will lick any fat dick they like and then suck the sperm until the end. The process is monitored closely by the Mistress, who explains how to properly suck a fat dick. It is sure to hit all. We should not waste our time, and find out the lies in this bizarre house.

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Fairy Hunting Chp.3

Today, you’ll be able to discover how a pair of beautiful beauties are able to satisfy their friends. The trio then drank wine, and the girls stripped naked and showed their friends their luscious bodies and large elastic bods. After that, one of the beauties begins to take a bite of the sausage and then licking it upwards and downwards. Another beauty is kissable with her puss. Girls will lie on the dick whenever it gets tough for a man, and then smooth it out with their wet pussies.

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SS Class Mission 2

Natsu Dragneel & Sting Eucliffe are back in the same room. Both are from the anime series “Fairy Tail”. Only this time, their physical battle will reach a new stage. The one that is only glimpsed in “yaoi” comics that parody each other is the level that is only seen in hentai comics. Are you ready to witness something such powerful and such striking?

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Fairy Hunting Ch.2

This is a color porn comic that shows the reader the ways Lucy and her friends are having fun with handsome men at the night and in the morning. To begin with an acquaintance is fucking busty Lucy with her pinky sexy right after the couple woke up from their nightly pleasures. Lucy loves the guy who slaps her on his thick meat sausage , which tears her wet sexy genitals in half. Lucy’s girlfriend, who’s located in the opposite room is taking pleasure in vaginal stimulation for a while. Enjoy.

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Trick Wonder

This comic in black and white will tell the tale of the meeting between two faggots. Two faggots are together for a long time , and they are celebrating a celebration day that marks half a year after their friendship. For the occasion, they rent a room in a hotel for an ice-cold drink and some sex. They drink wine, kissand then get dressed up and jump on the bed. Want to see the sexual chemistry between two homosexuals? You can start reading the comic now.

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FT – H Quest Ch. 5

Two friends were out on vacation when a fascinating incident occurred. They talked about intimate matters when a gentleman was sitting right next to them. One of the girls immediately flowed and decided to seduce the attractive man. The girl stepped closer and began flirting. The man proved to be not a bore and not an aspiring mother’s rapper. He grabbing the girl on his shoulder, he took her to the barn, where he ripped off her swimsuit from the girl. Then, he pushed the woman to blow her throat. After that, wild sex began.

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Chichikko Bitch 4

Big tits and definitely not so small booty – these are Lucy Heartfillia’s valuable assets since more than drawing attention she enjoys only having sex! And obviously dressing up as a sexy cheerleader will make her undefeatable in the work of seducing men! But Lucy should also remember that the more her guy is turned on the harder the fucking she will get… will she handle this one?

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