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Battle Tensions

In a fight, the girl uses tricks, for example, showing her breasts or grabbing the dude’s dick to win. He begins to accept this game and rips off the girl’s clothes. And as soon as he undresses her, she starts to fuck him. That’s it, this is the final. That’s all. Once you start using these moves in a fight, you won’t have to think about what you’re doing. You just do it.

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This internet story is all about the relationship of two homo guys working for an oil company. Thus, the working day starts with you studying the stock price graph. You observe that the stock price will be going down. A marketing specialist supplies you with a meeting with the director of another business so that you could discover a means from this crisis. The following day, you visit a meeting. Directed by Mr. Campbell. He is an appealing middle-aged guy. He undoubtedly enjoys you. Mr. Campbell is faggot. So you are. Can you find an option that satisfies both sides? Certainly yes, if you have sex. Therefore, a fag couple goes to a motel room and begins sucking each other’s fat sausages. And they fuck each other in the bootie. Look how perverted it looks. Surely same-sex hookup is a very pleasant sight. Continue reading

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SS Class Mission 2

Natsu Dragneel & Sting Eucliffe are back in the same room. Both are from the anime series “Fairy Tail”. Only this time, their physical battle will reach a new stage. The one that is only glimpsed in “yaoi” comics that parody each other is the level that is only seen in hentai comics. Are you ready to witness something such powerful and such striking?

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